Accidental connections - Gravity

A new shape in circus, the social connections that keep us in orbit. An instalation of life's unseen patterns.

Explores how social connection can change the shape of our life's orbit.

A template for relations  in space.

We as a group are unique becasue of our all-straps focus and our desire to work outside of technique. Though L + G used an inverted appratus their show was technique based and the story; relationsship always felt second.

''I'm like a rapid fire spread machine gun, and you're like a sniper rifle''

A company exploring the limitations put upon genuine human interaction by modern society and how we can both traverse, bounce and be hinderd by them. If we all have one thing in common how are we diffirent?

A company exploring a life's orbit through time and the limits placed upon it by history and society. If we start from a singular point (straps) how can we traverse these bonds.