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About Us


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The group of artists as it consists right now are young artists ranging from recent AMoC graduate Anders and circus performer Rasmus. From energetic Zoe to sensitive Mia as well as our experienced duo artists Mona and Laura. They all joined the project out of their personal interest to get creative within a collective to create a show on aerial straps.

Coming from different countries, circus schools and scenes our background and experience offers a good base for research. Since 2017 we have been active as STRAPMANIA, our multi person aerial straps collective, which is giving us the platform to work out the communal aspects of aerial straps.


Performers: Anders Björklund, Rasmus Ohrt, Mona Tesh and Laura Borkowski

Director: Élise Bjerkelund Reine

Choreographer: Lena Zinnen

Creative Director: Marina Rieger

Our Performance

Our Performance

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The straps continue to be the center of our attention with their minimalistic, yet very strong and versatile character. The show will circle around that one and only requisite and turn it into mixture of circus, dance and installation.


The artists are telling their story from living in space, living with the gravitational force, the pain and the weightlessness. Lifted from the ground their opening up a new stage in the air, a new space with laws of nature, that usually stays hidden in the unseen.

How does the space come alive? How is each and every artist related to each other?

They are all connected through the same requisite. The straps are like the silver lining, waving its string through the 60min show. An allegory of the community staged in that show, which shares the characters own little, sensitive, intense and powerful moments with the audience.

It is a moment of poetic emotions as well stunning visuals created in the group straps, presenting a new take on aerial straps performance.

Upcoming shows

20th of July 2019 - Sommerpalast, Murrhardt, Germany

13th - 14th of Jan 2020 - Jatka78, Prague, Czech Republic

Our Journey

Our Journey

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It all started out of a vision in early 2017. What if, straps artists wouldn’t continue working the usual way as solo or duo artists, but instead join their creative talent to tell a story as a collective? Soon people started joining that, after years of training individually, wanted to explore the social side of straps.

We are all drawn by the common bond of aerial straps and, moreover, the desire to do group aerial straps. Each of us has brought our individual concepts surrounding what straps are and we seek to tell a new story within circus arts, a story brought to the audience by a straps collective.

First meet up in November 2017 in Stockholm/Sweden and Copenhagen/Denmark

brought Aaron Kozloff, Zoe Stasko, Mia mattenklott, Anders Björklund and Marina Rieger together to officially found the STRAPMANIA collective and start the research.

The international group of artists continued then in a core-team of 4 stage performers to continue the creation during two research residencies at Jatka78 in Prague/Czech Republic in 2018, as well as local creation labs in Berlin/Germany. Furthermore the collective was joined by Mona Tesch, Laura Borkowski and Rasmus Ohrt during that year.


Last but not least a big thanks to all the outside eyes that participated in the collective’s work during 2018: Julius Erdmann (photographer), Thede Melhop, Jannes Mennega, Lena Zinnen (dancer and choreographer) and Lukas Stelter (videographer)

In 2019 we continue our cooperation with Jatka78 in the Czech Republic and start the production for our first stage performance.

We seek cooperations with networks and local partners to grow our field of expertise and to create contemporary circus together.

Premiere: 2020!





Photo: Julius Erdmann




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